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Sunday, July 26, 2009

5 yr anniversary golf outing

We golfed a round at Washington National course - it's the Univ. of Wash's golf course. It's absolutely beautiful!
Here is Ron teeing off with Mt Rainier in the background (behind the trees - takes a trained eye to spot Rainier some times - it blends in with the clouds).

I hadn't been out golfing in a couple of years, but managed to par a few of the holes! I might not hit hard, but I hit straight, and sometimes, that's all you need!
Every golf cart is named after a UW great! We got the Hutch cart!

I think this was my second tee shot at this hole. First one got wet!
The club house......all purple for UW

I think Ron was using his Youklis swing on this one

Man, they love their sands traps - it's not just a little trap, and they are very deep! From experience, I can say some are even hard to climb out of!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cabo - Mexico - July 2009

Trip started off waiting in line 1/2 hr to pay for "Child in Lap" - why couldn't they have done that when I booked the trip?
The good part of flying - when the kids are napping!
Our first trip to the pool bar at Playa Grande - Josie pulled the "Bartender!?!" line out of left field. It was really funny.

1st night dinner - the Mexican Fiesta - a buffet or as we call it in our family, Heaven!
Ed & Kim
Jack met his girlfriend Nancy, the 1st night.....they saw each other every day somewhere at the resort. I think everyone fell in love with Jack at the resort.

Josie got bored and we all took turns escorting her to the beach
Making sand angels.......

Meanwhile, Jack watched the whole show - never fussed....he liked the pretty dancers, singers, and just people watching overall.....he's a thinker!
Kahlee and Jack
The first morning - wake up with a cup of coffee and the ocean
The dolphins were swimming in for some fun
Missed their jump, but caught the splash...
What to do when Jack is napping? Ah, this is vacation!
Meanwhile, the gang headed over to Medano Beach
Josie getting her braid
Her "Mom" tatto
Jack and I finally make it to "The Office"

Later that night at La Fonda - chorizo and pork tacos - perhaps my best meal!
We love everything about La Fonda! Don't forget to ring the bell on your way out!
Then the girls went out - 1st stop at the Giggling Marlin
Kim & Carol
Kahlee, Randi and Kim
Final stop, Cabo Wabo.....
The girls getting their buzz on - Luckily, Randi turned 18 a couple weeks before our trip!

Josie playing in the sand
Jack, Kahlee and Kim at the pool - Josie's pool

Jumping Josephine!

Dinner at the Shrimp Factory - it's hard to pick between the coconut shrimp and the cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped ones........let's have both!

This guy caught a fish from the shore. He took it up to show his wife and threw it back
This video is for Granny, who walked the beach every day last year on our trip!

The neighbor kids Vaughn and Carol - Where's Josie?
That's right - someone pooped out this afternoon!
Carol & Ron - the night of our sunset catamaran cruise - Ron was sweet and watched the kids so I could go with Ed and the girls
At the Marina before we left

Me and my mai thai
The pirate ship
Lands End - the famous Arch
Kahlee & Carol

Kahlee & Randi

Ed hanging out with the captain

My new boyfriend, Victor, a.k.a the bartender!

Afterwards, we hit up El Squid Roe with the girls

It was early, so we had command of the staff!

Ed's drink

The next AM - the gang went on the zip lines Dinner at Margaritavilla

Jack LOVES music - these guys came by a couple times

Josie eyeing Ron's margarita!

Straw swordfights!
and they're back
Josie and her new dress Momma bought on her downtown shopping trip - getting ready for our last night's dinner at "the office"

Sherman Family toes - Solmar Beach - Playa Grande

Our last night out - Dinner at "The Office"

Goodbye to "The Office" - until we are in Cabo again!

On the ride to the airport - she was toast!

Josie finally got her turtle (Tortuga)

At the Cabo airport - Go Sox!