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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jack on the go........

Jack is really getting the hang of moving around - and finally is getting his big belly off the ground in attempt to crawl! It's super exciting, and we do family time in his bedroom (carpet) as we all encourage the big guy to get moving!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jack and Josie - Just the Facts

Today we went to the Doctors for Josie's 3 year appointment, and Jack's 6 month appointment. Josie weighed in at 29lbs (50%), and 37.5 inches (50%) - she's a little pip-squeak! Now, Jack is a little different....Jack is 18lbs, 13oz (75%) and 28.25inches (95%).
Yes, Jack weighs the same weight at 6 months that Josie did at 1 yr old!

Josie's Birthday Party

Let the grubbing begin! We had sweet and sour meatballs, teriyaki chicken, bbq chicken, mac and cheese, chips and pasta salad!

Dora and her Pegasus - Josie's afraid of the Pegasus because it walks on its own.

Her new Dora chair

Everyone's favorite - the Sit and Spin

And a Dora shirt!

Beauty and the Beast (Belle) themed cake....we tried....

Hair pulled back...we successfully blew out the candles!

Josie's Actual Birthday Night

Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Josephine!
She opened a couple presents that Granny sent.
...the book "Twinkle Toes"...
A cool lined red sweatsuit!
And here is where the trouble began....excited 3 yr old - burning candles......see video below.

I think we could title this - "How NOT to teach your child to blow out candles" - no child was harmed in the making of this film.......

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night

Luckily the rain stopped for all the kids to go trick or treating. Turnout seemed a little low this year despite the dry weather.
Here is SuperJack and Ron on the way out of the yard.

Our first stop at Neighbors Larry and Kathie's. Jack wasn't too excited about the new surroundings. (See Uncle Eddie, it's not just you that makes Jack cry!)

Jack figured out this Trick Or Treat thing really quick - by our 3rd house (Neighbor Ron's) he was already diggin' in the chocolate!

Josie showing off her loot.

And later in the evening, Jack was showing off his laughing skills.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween P-a-r-t-y!!!

We had a Halloween Party at Troy and Marla's on Saturday Night...
Josie was our little Penn State cheerleader and cheered the Nittany Lions on to a 13-6 victory over Ohio State later in the night.

Jack was our adorable little super man - yes, the costume came complete with a cape!

Ron was the 70's Cheesy Moustache Retro Man and Carol pulled out the Flapper Girl outfit.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SuperJack!

Marla (as Frau Farbissina from Austin Powers) and Troy (can barely see the knife in his head) - with Marty in the background..........

Marla and Heather had all kinds of crafts and games for the kids to entertain them all night long!

Maddie searching through the "scabs" (corn flakes) searching for candy - Josie was taking it all in.

Sam, who hung with Josie all evening (thanks Sam!), trying to get Josie to bob for an apple.

The Backyardigans Live

Ron took Josie on Saturday to the Paramount Theater in Seattle to catch the Backyardigans Live show. It's an early birthday present for her this year.

She had an absolute blast. Ron said she was attentive to the whole show. They called me at intermission to say hi. You could tell she was super excited. She came home with a couple of souveniers - a flighty fairy wand and a Uniqua stuffed animal. (That almost makes her collection complete - 2 Pablo's, 1 Tyrone and now 1 Uniqua)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Maris Farms

It was absolutely beautiful this weekend, so we headed out Sunday AM to Maris Farms!

Maris Farms has a nice view of Mt Rainier

Josie went on the jumpy pillow - luckily, it was early in the day and there weren't alot of kids on it yet.

We went to pet all the ponies, all except the one they said was a grumpy pony and we just waved "hi" to that one.
Ron took Josie down the slide. It went through a tunnel, so she wouldn't go alone.

Pumpkin time with Mom, Jack and Josie

Josie and Ron outside the corn maze area.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tummy Time for Two

Saturday afternoon, Josie was coloring at the kitchen table, like the good little girl she can be......but it was time for Jack to do tummy time!

Jack gets pretty excited at the beginning of tummy time......
...and gets really happy when his big sister joins him on him activity mat!

A big kiss for my little brother