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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Been awhile, eh???

Ok, been waaaaay behind on the updating, so we'll start fresh with the 2012 Holidays - we went down to Orlando and spent the week at Disney with the kids. They had an absolute blast.

For the Christmas Holiday, we traveled back to Massachusetts to hang with the Uchneat Gang!

New Years was spent with the Harvey's here in Cranberry, and we all made it up until Midnight - RARE!

This winter we've been sledding, swimming at the YMCA, visiting Pittsburgh Museums and remodeling our kitchen! Looking forward to spring.
Josie had her first gymnastics meet in March
Josie's floor routine

Friday, February 24, 2012

Since leaving Lake Tapps........

Wow, it's been since last May our site has been updated - LOTS have changed.
July 2011 - Ron took a new job in Pittsburgh, and found a new house for us to buy...while Carol and the kids stayed behind in WA - still working, trying to sell the house, Josie started kindergarten and Jack started a new daycare - things were VERY hectic!
But we finally made it to PA - Kids, Cat and Carol flew there while Ron drove across country (again) in moving truck.
We arrived in time for Halloween.....

Josie's first day of school, getting off the bus - she's soooo excited to be able to ride a bus!
Ron went back to WA for Lucinda's wedding - 11/11/11

Josie's 6th birthday celebration with Granny, Uncle Mike, Aunty Kel, Katie and Matthew visiting!

Downtown @ Joe's Crab Shack
At our favorite park in Cranberry
Tailgating & Cheering on Penn State during their rough season
Ice Skating downtown
This Christmas we adopted "Elf on the Shelf" who we named, Dexter - Josie woke up every morning looking for the little stinker - to see where he landed from the night before.
and then Josie's kindergarten put on their elf production at school
and she became OUR elf on the shelf....

In Massachusetts for Christmas - Visiting Santa at Look Park

The Sanctuary by the Lake - where we got married

Got to spend Christmas with Cousins Kyle & Nick!

and Granny....

Uncle Joey and other family too!

Cousins chilling

Christmas Morning Smiles

New Years in Central PA at Uncle Mike & Aunty Kel's


Carnegie Science Museums...

Carol's visit with the ladies back in WA on a business trip


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jack's 3rd Birthday Party

Jack's 3rd Birthday Party - Complete with Bouncy House

Fun in the sand with Caleb
Opening presents

Loving his monster truck

Big Sis always helping

Logan having fun

Toy Story Cake

Bennett liked the cake!

The boys get crazy.......

Time for some bubbles!

Josie, Jack and Caleb

End of day boat cruise with Joey, Brandy and Gavin

Gavin helping Ron navigate