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Sunday, March 15, 2009

February-March 2009

It's been a great few months in 2009 - the kids have started a new daycare, Josie is potty training and doing very well, and Jack is getting ready to walk. Jack just turned 10 months this week! We've been to 3 birthday parties in the last 4 weekends - lots of fun! Here are a bunch of photos from the last couple of months!
Josie's New Bathing Suit
Helping to Plant in the Garden
At Logan's Birthday Party

Ron and Josie at Gage's 1st birthday party!

Jack eating his books...

Happy Kids...

My favorite two butts....

Jack fresh out of the bath......
At Tommy's 3rd birthday party - Jack was hitting the apple juice hard!
Josie making her pizza at Tommy's party! We had fun!